IPF bench press bench


The HC PRO bench press competition bench complies with IPF competition regulations and is the only bench on the market that allows stepwise height adjustment.

Advantages of the HC PRO bench press:

  • Short step height adjustable safety bars
  • Podium of the encourager
  • Jacks for adjusting the height of the bar

The HC PRO competition bench brings comfort to the gym and increases the customers' evaluation of the gym.

How many gyms do you have to do bench presses without adjustment?

There are simply three fixed heights, none of which may suit you.

Or, as usual, there is no podium for the belayer, so it is almost impossible for the helper to help the heavy weight to the hands.

Or the fact that if you train with a friend and the difference in training weights is tens of kilos, and you have no way to change the height of the barbell between sets with jacks, you also have to lift the discs back and forth after each set.

All these problems are solved by the HC PRO bench press competition bench.

Pristatymas 1-4 d.d.
Special Price 1 190,00 € Įprasta kaina 1 890,00 €
Daugiau informacijos
Ilgis1750 mm
Plotis1240 mm
Aukštis1000 mm
Displayed Weight100 kg
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