Olev Annus is a former Finnish and Estonian bodybuilder who still lives in Finland today.

Olev Annus was known for a large muscle mass, combined with razor-sharp tension and muscle distinction, even during mass seasons.

Olev Annus achieved the following titles and victories in his career:

1973–1979 - Championship of the Estonian SSR.

1984 - World Championships (IFBB), +90 kg, 3rd place.

1985 - EC, +90 kg, 2nd place.

World Games, 3rd place.

1986 – European champion in the +90 kg category.

European Champion (NABBA).

world champion, amateurs (NABBA) and professionals (NABBA).

1987 - Mister Universe (NABBA), 1st place.

1989 - Grand Prix Finland - (IFBB), 12th place.

World Championships - WABBA, professionals, 5th place.

1991 - Mister Universe win.

World Champion, Professionals (NABBA)

1993 - Grand Prix France (IFBB), 12th place.

IFBB Night Of The Champions, 16th place.

1994 - Grand Prix France (IFBB), 16th place.

IFBB Niagara Falls Pro, 17th place.

IFBB Masters Olympia and Jan Tana Pro, 5th place.

1995 - IFBB Masters Olympia and Jan Tana Pro, 7th place.

Olev was an uncompromising trainee throughout his career and worked as a teacher at Riihimäki Sports School after moving to Finland for some time.

Olev never definitively revealed anything related to nutrition, which was understandable during an active career. We ourselves have been in contact with him for quite some time now, and this revelation of a secret came up.

Olev said that throughout his career he used a combination of protein and collagen as a dietary supplement due to its good absorption, i.e., efficiency. This kind of combination was not directly available even during Olev's racing career, but collagen and protein powders had to be bought separately, and according to Olev's story, the collagen tasted so bad that it would come up when eaten as is.

Nowadays, the situation is different, and you can get collagen hydrolysed and neutral, and the quality of the proteins is completely different than before. All of this, now updated to the present day, resulted in the NR1Proteinin of the same name, but still much better quality and better absorbed than in the past.

Are you ready to test and live again with the muscle builder developed by the master?

We asked Olev Annus where he got the idea for this wonderful nutritional supplement, and he answered: "God gave it to me".

Did you know that collagen also keeps the skin healthy and youthful, helps strengthen joint tissue, helps recover from workouts, keeps hair and nails healthy and is, after all, the most important protein in the human body?

As low as 24,90 €

Protein Nol Benefits:

  • Faster muscle growth.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Healthy and stronger joints.
  • Improve skin, hair and nails.
  • Best combination for athletes.

Nutritional value 100g:

  • Protein 61g.
  • Hydrolized collagen 32g.
  • Carbs 12.8g.
  • Fat 3.8g.
  • Salt 0.29g.
  • Dietary Fiber 2.1g.

Mix one scoop with water in a shaker 1-3 per day.

Package 700g.

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