Parallel Bars - Dip Stand Station


Soft foam grip handles allow you to perform your exercise without hand slipperiness and hand fatigue.
Foam stabilizing pads for any surface and reliable stay-in-place performance.
 Made of solid construction, featuring a 100% steel rigid frame makes this dip station perfect for your home gym.
The bottom non-slip mat is secured by four screws to prevent the dip stand from moving during fitness.
Dip bar station offers multiple bodyweight exercise options such as dips, pull-ups, L-sits, knee, leg raises, stretches, and more.
 Help to engage more muscles and increase strength in arms, shoulders, chest, back. Best dip bars fitness for home.
The dip bar is easily mobile with its lightweight. Having a portable dip stand that could be disassemble, allows you to train anywhere with ease.

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Special Price 60,00 € Įprasta kaina 92,00 €
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