Bench press bench


The HCPRO PRESS BENCH is an ideal choice for commercial gyms, especially when compared to folding benches with thin frames and weak attachments.

Special Price 490,00 € Įprasta kaina 890,00 €

Here are some of the benefits that the HC PRO PRESS BENCH offers:

Stability and Safety: 3mm frame wall thickness provides greater stability and safety for users, especially when using heavier weights.

A Long-Term Investment: A bench with extra-strong construction is more durable and lasts longer than benches with thin frames. So it's a long-term investment in the gym.

Less Maintenance: Stronger construction means less wear and tear and therefore less need for regular maintenance or parts replacement.

More Professional Look: The massive and strong construction of this bench gives the gym a more professional look, which can attract more customers and increase credibility.

Safer Use: Compared to folding benches, which may have a tendency to slide or collapse under heavy weight, the HC PRO PRESS BENCH offers a more secure and safer use.

Durability: With strong fasteners and quality construction, the bench can better withstand the daily wear and tear of the gym and work with heavy weights.

In short, the HC PRO PRESS BENCH is the perfect choice for commercial gyms that want to offer their customers the best quality, safety and gym experience.

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Max Loading Weight400
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