Storio guminis kilimėlis sporto salėms 100x100 cm


High-quality HC PRO rubber mat, one side has a rougher surface than the other, you can choose it as needed.

In gyms, mats are usually placed with the rougher side down. The use of rubber mats saves on repair costs because the mats prevent damage to floor surfaces during training. Installation of rubber mats must be done before installation of exercise equipment and gym equipment.


  • Ensures that the floors are in good condition and you do not have to pay the landlord compensation for floor repairs in the future.
  • If you decide to move your gym, you can take the mats with you to the next gym or sell them for almost the same price you bought them for. The total cost is much lower compared to other alternatives.
  • You don't need to order expensive flooring installation, as you can simply install the mats yourself as you see fit.
  • With the help of rubber mats, an ordinary room turns into a "PRO" level gym in terms of appearance and comfort. Mats are comfortable for walking and exercising.
  • Various exercises can be done on the rubber mats, such as stretching exercises, abdominal exercises, squats, back exercises, etc., the soft surface of the mats ensures comfort and safety when performing the exercises.
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Ilgis1000 mm
Plotis1000 mm
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