Activlab Bulletproof Coffee Drink 150g


Bulletproof Coffee Drink – Instant coffee drink with the addition of MCT oil with coconut flavor.

People looking for a way to accelerate metabolism reach for MCT.

What is MCT oil and how does it work?

MCT oil is a mixture of medium chain fatty acids. Although they belong to saturated fatty acids, they have completely different properties and metabolism from animal fats.

MCTs are metabolized to ketones, which are considered a very good source of energy – especially for the brain.

What is Bulletproof Coffee Drink?

Strong coffee with fat is a popular drink among people who practice the ketogenic diet - but not only. The original recipe is based on oils like coconut or ghee butter. Of course, it can be modified, for example, with pure MCT oil, which is a precursor to ketones. Bulletproof Coffee Drink is designed to intensely stimulate, improve cognitive abilities and concentration and suppress excessive appetite.

Nothing stands in the way of adding these fats to Bulletproof Coffee Drink, giving it a slightly creamy taste.

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  • Pour 5 g (1½ scoops) into a mug or cup, pour 180 ml of hot water.
  • Do not exceed recommended daily portion. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Instant coffee (45%), medium-chain coconut oil (20%), skimmed milk powder, flavors, inulin, sweetener: sucralose.


Nutritional value100 g5 g
Energy value1573kJ/377 kcal78 kJ/19 kcal
Fat19 g1 g
including saturated fatty acids19 g1 g
Carbohydrates29 g1,5 g
including sugars11 g0,6 g
Fiber11 g0,6 g
Protein17 g0,8 g
Salt0,23 g0,01 g
Daugiau informacijos
Product formpowder
Servings quantity30
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